Sparks Studio Art

Suzanne McNeill, BS

Suzanne is dedicated to hands-on creativity. She constantly experiments with something new. Artist, designer, TV personality, author and workshop instructor, Suzanne has spent a lifetime inspiring and encouraging people to engage in artistic expression.

barbara mCfarland, bfa

Barbara works and teaches in watercolor, oils, acrylics, pastels, and mixed media.  She teaches watercolor and drawing classes in the Continuing Education program at UTA in Arlington. She teaches oil, acrylic on canvas, pastels and mixed media at various galleries in the DFW area. Barbara is a proud Magnum Cum Laude UNT grad with a BFA in painting and drawing. She has spent two summers painting  on location at the La Romita School of Art in Italy.

Karolyn McCauley

Karolyn McCauley is the owner of The Creativity and Wellness Center.  Her classes are designed to be relaxing and uplifting for adults and kids of all skill levels.  Her class topics include: drawing, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, mixed media, clay, and creative journaling.  Student reference from D.P.: "Just finished a 3-week drip painting class and totally enjoyed it.  This is a wonderful place to retreat to for a few hours and recharge your creative self."   -  Website:

rona davis, pim

Rona is a certified PIM (Professional Internet Marketer) with 30 years of marketing & advertising experience.  She has successfully created effective email, newsletter and web campaigns.  Rona loves art and works in several mediums, mixed media being her favorite.  Her experience and passion for art creates a winning formula for teaching artists the art of a powerful online presence. 

Cindy Shepard, CZT

Cindy Shepard is an experimental artist with a focus on recycling, mixed media, and jewelry. She has authored successful books and loves to share her love for recycling and whimsey.

chantal johnson, ciri

Chantal is a certified ICE Resin® Instructor with  over 30 years experience in the Creative Arts.  She shares her creative spirit through designing and teaching Mixed Media, Jewelry Making and Textile Art in her Art Studio as well as abroad. She has been published in Haute Handbags, Green Craft, Belle Armoire Jewelry, and other known publications. She is currently on the ICE Resin® 2016 Design Team.

magdalena muldoon

Magdalena was born in Mexico. In 2002 she moved to the US with her husband and 3 daughters and brought MercArt her mom’s metal embossing business to the US. Magdalena has been teaching metal embossing throughout the US, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Argentina. In 2006 she wrote the book “Metal Embossing Workshop” and has been part of the jury in Japan’s National Metal Embossing Competitions. Her work has been published in several magazines and in “Art Unscripted”, a DVD hosted by Carol Duvall.  

rita barakat

Rita is a published & licensed artist who creates whimsical, fun and inspirational art. Her preference is mixed media, not wanting to be tied down to one medium or style. From wall murals to itty bitty minis, she has worked on numerous projects for hospitals, corporations, families and manufacturers.  Rita is a designer for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft and continues to work with many other notable manufacturers in the industry. Teaching and doing demos for trade shows and consumer shows has given her the best experience to get a lot done in a short amount of time! Rita’s classes are always fast and fun; you can expect to learn a lot, receive loads of encouragement and have tons of fun!


Cheryl is a mixed-media artist on the leading edge of new products and techniques within the various disciplines of the ever-growing market.   As a full-time Artist with a passion for teaching, you can find Cheryl Living the Art Life ™, traveling and teaching workshops at independent stores and events nationwide. In addition, she teaches classes in her own studio where you can find her artwork and design projects for sale in Downtown Fort Pierce, Orange Ave Studios, Studio 310. 

sibling rivalry artisans
Rick allen & laura conway

Rick and Laura share talents and began working together as 'Sibling Rivalry Artisans.' They are a brother and sister team that use rivalry as inspiration to design and create mixed metal jewelry including copper, sterling, silver, brass, and bronze.  They specialize in enameling, etching, and hand forging necklaces, rings and bracelets. 

Ann Webb, MA

Ann  has made art her whole life - as painter, printmaker, jeweler, sculptor, mixed media artist. She loves to share by creating a supportive environment of fun and discovery.

Paula Pillow, BS

Paula  explores patterns, shapes, and textures using water media and fibers. Line and color capture an element of the unexpected exploring a new way to view images

pam carriker

​Pam Carriker is an artist, instructor, author of books  'Art at the Speed of Life',  'Creating Art at the Speed of Life', and 'Mixed Media Portraits'  and  a columnist for Somerset Art Journaling. ​Traveling to teach around the country is something she enjoys. Sharing the satisfaction that comes from creating art is her passion. Pam’s work can be found in more than 50 publications and she serves as a Directors Circle Artist for Stampington.  She created Art Journaling videos for Strathmore , as well as designed stencils for Stencil Girl Products, rubber stamps for Stampington  and continues to develop her mixed-media products for Derivan Matisse. Turning her ‘hobby’ into her dream job has been the culmination of a life-long pursuit of living a creative life and she firmly believes it is never too late to begin living Art at the Speed of Life™!

Debbie malone

​Debbie Malone spent 18 years working in mechanical and architectural design. She incorporates much of the basic elements of layout and geometric design into my her today. She likes to push the envelope on what she can do with glass: from decorative soldering to manipulating glass in the kiln.  She is always in pursuit of funky, edgy, over-the-top, gallery quality pieces.  Her art is definitely not your traditional stained glass! Today her passion is also her vocation.  Debbie teaches a variety of glass art classes, as well as other mediums, and really loves seeing other people turn on to the unique beauty of glass artistry.