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About Suzanne McNeill

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         Suzanne McNeill's award-winning art and paintings are known for happy colors, imaginative details, and creative inspiration. Working with her hands and developing innovative concepts for the arts is her passion. Through her popular workshops she enjoys sharing with students, friends and artists. Being a guest on ‘The Carol Duvall TV Show’ for 6 years was enlightening and Suzanne offers over 100 free youtube demos. She especially enjoys working in different media and finds that moving from one to another keeps her art creative, fresh and alive.
         New products, styles, colors and methods are always inspiring fodder. Her expressive paintings have been referred to as ‘happy art’ and her Zentangle® paintings have been called “mesmerizing art”. Suzanne has a degree in Art and Biology from SMU. She has authored over 30 books and published over 300 books under Design Originals (now an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing). She was voted ‘Designer of the Year’ and received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the Craft & Hobby association. Now that Suzanne has 'retired' from the publishing business, she is taking time to follow her heart and express her creative spirit.
Suzanne loves to travel, experience different cultures and meet new people.  Her sketchbook is her best friend. In this photo she is sketching at a school in Vietnam.